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Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure to enlarge the breast using implants of various sizes and shapes to achieve the desired cup shape and size. 


Patients who wish to do breast augmentation should be healthy and this operation is done to improve breast symmetry, increase breast size and achieve a better body contour and thereby enhance their self- image.


The operation is done under general anaesthesia.


Breast reduction involves the reduction of very large pendulous breasts which can cause the patients to have shoulder pain and skin infection under the breast.


Mastopexy involves the tightening of droopy “ptotic” breasts to give it a more compact and perky shape.

Breast Reconstruction


This involves the creation of a new breast following breast cancer surgery using neighbouring tissues
with or without the use of implants.


Male patients who have gynecomastia (excessive breast tissues) also undergo breast excision or
reduction to give a male like chest. Male patients usually the young ones feel very shy and have an
inferiority complex when they have huge breasts like women.

Liposuction Dr Guna Plastic Surgeon Ipoh


This surgical procedure involves the suctioning of unwanted fat from the body such as abdomen, thighs, buttock and arms so as to sculpt the body and achieve a more desirable shape.


Liposuction when done by a qualified and experienced surgeon is a safe procedure.


It can be done under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending on the amount of fat to be suctioned.


This operation involves the excision of excess fat and skin from the abdomen and the tightening of the abdomen wall, resulting in a better contour.


The procedure can be combined with Liposuction.


Patient can expect a better shaped figure, better posture and feel lighter.


The operation is done under general anaesthesia.

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Blepharoplasty Dr Guna Plastic Surgeon Ipoh


Blepharoplasty is a procedure to correct droopy upper eyelids and improve the puffiness or “eyebags” below the eyes, which can appear as you age.


Blepharoplasty also involves creation of a double eyelid fold for patients who have a weak or absent double eyelid fold particularly in Oriental Asians.


This is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose by reducing the size of the nose or by increasing its height and tip shape by augmenting it with implants and cartilage grafts.


Rhinoplasty can make quite a difference to your facial appearance and help boost your overall self-confidence.


Korean Nose Job Dr Guna Plastic Surgeon Ipoh
Facelift Dr Guna Plastic Surgeon Ipoh


Face Lift is a procedure designed to counteract the effects of aging by tightening the slackened soft tissue beneath the skin as well as removing the excess skin of the cheek, jaw and neck.


Hence face lift will not only improve the wrinkle lines but gives you a more youthful appearance.


Fillers are semi-permanent materials which can be injected to wrinkle lines and depressed areas on the face, to improve their appearance and give a more youthful look.


When done by a qualified and experienced surgeon they are safe procedures.


The most common filler used is hyaluronic acid (a normal component in our skin) which is safe and degradable.

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Laser Dr Guna Plastic Surgeon Ipoh


Lasers are light based machines which have various wavelengths to treat various skin conditions such as facial pigmentation patches, facial growths such as seborrheic keratosis and warts, excess hair especially in women, acne scars and traumatic scars.


Lasers can also be used to rejuvenate the face by stimulating the collagen production as well as to reduce the facial dyspigmentations due to age.

Lasers are also very useful and effective for the removal of most tattoos.

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